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We believe that… public higher education is a public good.

We advocate for… fully-funded community colleges, state universities, and UMass campuses that remove barriers that our students face and provide fair wages and working conditions that workers deserve.

We collaborate and organize to win… the Cherish Act and Debt-Free Future Bill.  
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About Higher Ed for All

Implement a debt-free college plan that covers not just tuition and fees but also living expenses, including food and housing

Lack of access to debt-free college limits residents’ individual opportunities and hurts the civic and economic life of the Commonwealth, which – more than many other states – depends on a well-educated population. Our plan would require families that can afford it to make a reasonable contribution and for students to contribute the amount the can earn working about 12 hours a week, but would then provide aid rather than loans to pay for basic living expenses as well as tuition and fees.

Recruit and retain diverse and excellent faculty and staff

To ensure student success we must provide fair compensation, and conditions that allow faculty and staff to meet the needs of all of their students, particularly those who face the most significant challenges.

Increased student supports

Our colleges and universities have piloted programs proven to help our students succeed—expanding funding to provide those supports to all students who need them is a critical investment.

Return to the historic model of public funding for public buildings on college and university campuses

We must ensure campus buildings provide safe and healthy learning and working conditions; that all new construction and renovations on public higher education campuses incorporate the best practices for addressing climate change and environmental protection; and that building initiatives are funded with state resources rather than passing the cost on to students in the form of fees.

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